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Taylah's Weightloss Journey

Finally hit the lightest I’ve been since Pre baby days 👏🏼

Corona has killed my motivation, and I’ve fallen off track over the last few weeks.. Which has left me feeling defeated and right back to where I was 3 months ago 😩

But comparing today’s photo to the one on the left, back in February, has reminded me why I started this journey 🥵
Gotta keep pushing on and smash the last 2 weeks of our Iso Challenge 👊🏼✌🏼


‘Six months ago, my beautiful friend Nat and I decided to stop talking about joining a gym and take action, so I messaged the gym our friend Lyndle had highly recommended New Body Fitness Budgewoi.
From the very first message Kel was welcoming, inviting us in for a chat and tour. It felt right, we signed up that day and from our first class we were hooked. 
The atmosphere in this gym is amazing! Owners, trainers, crèche staff and other members now friends are all easy going, fun and extremely motivating.
I completed a six week challenge and loved it that much I signed straight up for the next one, just completed. 
Real people, real results and so much fun! 
In the six months I have lost just over 25kgs. Yes, the weight loss and physical changes are great but for me the little things have been the big things. I couldn’t skip and I could only run a couple of hundred metres if that, when I first joined, moving forward six months I can now skip and I even ran the best part of 5kms on the tready the morning after going on a Wine Tour! The improvement in my fitness each week has been absolutely incredible. 
As a mother of three, I want to run around with my children, not just watch from sidelines. 
My confidence is growing, I now want to be in photos with my family, not just be behind the camera and or crop myself out. 
As someone that suffers from bad anxiety too, I am feeling the best I have in years. I’m eating better, I’m sleeping better and I am learning to balance life in general better. That alone is huge as anxiety can be extremely debilitating. There are no words that can articulate how grateful I am alone for that. 
I can’t wait to continue with my journey and new lifestyle choice at New Body Fitness. 
Thanks guys for making the experience truly second to none.

Shauna's Weightloss Journey


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