CHIPPER– work with a partner or in a small team to get the workout done. Sets and reps are split between your group so you all share the load. Chipper is always fun and great way to meet new team mates at the gym.


TABATA– A great way to increase fitness FAST. Tabata is traditional interval training, 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest and designed to get your heart pumping!



STEP - an aerobic style session using a platform to really get your heart going! Fantastic for toning your butt and legs at the same time!

· BOXING– Learn how to hit the pads properly in a safe and fun environment, while getting an excellent high calorie burner workout in.


BOOTCAMP– a great session using all equipment from kettle bells, slam ball and plyo boxes.  Sets and reps vary depending on that sessions theme. Always fun, always tough, totally scalable to suit.