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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share with you a little bit about me and what New Body Fitness and my clients mean to me. I started NBF as I was previously working within a different fitness business but wanted to be able to impart my own training ideas and values onto my clients. And to say that I love what it has evolved into is an understatement! We started off with outdoor sessions that was always so painful on wet days or when the sun was blaring down on us, or the damn green ants were at us! But...we survived and pushed through!! We then moved into a factory bay in conjunction with the martial arts academy. This was great as we were out of the rain and the hot sun and our racer back tans could return to normal! But this still wasn't quite right for me. I wanted my OWN space, OUR own space! Somewhere we could train day or night and when ever we wanted to. And so we moved into HQ as it was known. This was a huge step for me, to sign a lease on a premises all of my own! New Body Fitness had a home! It was great! So good to be able to use it the way we wanted and whenever we wanted. I would love to know just how many kgs we left behind in that joint!! I'm a Budgie girl, and used to drive past the gym daily! I always had it in my head that I would own this place one day. I used to say it to my clients back in the day when we would run our 6am sessions here in the group fitness room upstairs. Did I ever actually think it would happen? Yes and no. I knew that we would never be able to stay in the factory bay forever, but wasn't certain the direction NBF would head in. Come September '16, I heard on the grapevine that BodyBeat was for sale. I mentioned it to Mick and he said find out about it. I nearly bloody died!! I couldn't believe that he was actually serious. So in my usual bull-at-gate style, I rang and found out. Yes it was for sale. So we went through the motions and ended up moving in on the 4th of January! New Body Fitness had become a fully fledged real deal gym!! Bloody hell!!! It has given us as a family the best opportunity! Mick has been able to quit his job and we can both now work in the gym! The kids love having him around more and on the down low, so do I! But how did we come to this? How was i able to grow this business into what it is today? Well, this is purely and simple because of one thing....The ongoing support of my family, friends and clients! You guys!! I absolutely love what NBF has grown into, the little community we have created is amazing! The love and support that we all have for one another is what makes my job a whole lot easier! Hell, it doesn't even feel like a 'job'! I'm doing what I love and its bloody awesome! As most of you know me you will know that I am a 'no bullshit' trainer! I will tell it how it is, no sugar coating here! I feel that that's why it works! Personal Training is just that, 'Personal Training'. I enjoy hearing about what you and your family get up to on the weekends, and hear about how the kids were doing burpees in the loungeroom. I love it when the training that we do has an influence on the rest of your life and your family. And so yes we develop a relationship as friends. I will never refer to my clients as just clients, or another number, it's just not what New Body Fitness is about. We are a community of like minded individuals who get up, get our #activewear on each day and smash the crap out of sessions and the gym. So to sum it up, I love my job, I love you guys, and I love what we have created!! Here's to an even fitter and healthier 2017! Kel x 

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