The Post Covid Recovery

If 2020 was a workout it would be death by burpees.

What a shitty time we have all had. Schools closed, homeschooling, no movies, restaurant, most shops closed, no one can come over and no gym!

Its now June and I struggle to fathom what we have been through. The virus that stopped the world and stopped the human race in its tracks!! I think back to those weeks prior to lock down. I was panic buying to a degree, I stocked up on loo paper and food at home, my mindset was that if I was going to be stuck at home with the kids then I was going to make sure we had plenty of yummy snacks and junk food to keep us all happy.

The weeks prior are all a blur, the speculation as to what was going to happen. Would we be closed down, would our borders be shut? Who even knew?

The night of the 22nd March was fucked to be honest. I remember plain as day sweating on every single word of ScoMo's press conference. We were to close the very next day at midday.

I literally did not sleep a wink that night. I was devastated to say the least. I just couldn't believe what was happening to not only us but the world. I am so glad that my kids are the age they are and probably don't have a huge grasp on the gravity of the whole shit show.

So Monday March 23rd, 12pm, we closed, without knowing for how long, indefinitely. I still get upset thinking about it to this day, even though now we are back it seems like a lifetime ago and almost like it never happened.

The 1st couple of days and weeks post closing were tough. I cried just thinking about my baby sitting down here gathering dust. What a waste. I couldn't even walk past. Members would message me asking to borrow equipment, it took me all my effort to even open those messages, let alone go to the gym, I felt like my baby was being raided and torn apart.

But I did, we lent out equipment and set up our online community. This is exactly what Mel and I both needed. To be able to connect with our second family, giving us a purpose to continue. So we ran a lock down timetable and live streamed and eventually zoomed our classes to our members......for 11 weeks!

11 weeks. 82 days. Basically a quarter of this year we were closed.

Like i said before, what a shit time hey?

June 13th was the magic day!

But now we are back. Kez and I repainted the gym, Jem helped me clean and get ready to reopen. The old girl certainly does look the biz these days!

I never realised how much I missed this place and the members! The banter and laughs, even just the chats! This place really is our second home, I would be lost without it, hell I WAS lost without it!

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